Greg Abbott


Article 102.005, Code of Criminal Procedure - a defendant whose conviction from a municipal court of record was affirmed at the county-court level would not be subject to the fees imposed under article 102.005 because the conviction occurred at the municipal level|Articles 42.03 and 45.041, Code of Criminal Procedure - a court may give a defendant credit only for time served from the time of arrest and confinement until sentencing by the trial court under|Article 102.011(a)(2), Code of Criminal Procedure - a court may assess a separate fee for each arrest warrant issued even when multiple warrants result in only one arrest under|Article 102.011(a)(6), Code of Criminal Procedure - a court could conclude that any commitment or release from jail after the conclusion of the case will not be a service performed in the case and that fees for those services are therefore not authorized under

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