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Dan Morales

Agricultural cooperative marketing associations, member of non-citrus-related cooperative limited to one vote|Agricultural cooperative marketing associations, citrus-related cooperative may provide for a member association to have more than one vote with certain stipulations regarding payment of stock dividends and/or membership capital|Capper-Volstead Act, exemption of agricultural cooperative marketing associations from federal antitrust laws basis for one vote limitation in Agriculture Code provision

John Cornyn

Price fixing, validity of contractual provision between a manufacturer and a distributor agreeing to the price the distributor will sell bingo equipment

John Cornyn

Exclusive health provider contract, whether it violates state antitrust laws|Exclusive health provider contract, whether it violates state antitrust laws and insurance code

John Cornyn

Price fixing, revenue-share leasing agreement that permits manufacturer of bingo equipment to control price at which distributor leases equipment to conductor violates Bingo Enabling Act provision prohibiting