Before you submit public information materials online, learn about the process, guidelines, and costs involved.

In conjunction with, the Open Records Division (ORD) provides the Public Information Act (PIA) Electronic Filing System to accept online electronic submissions related to decision requests.  Governmental bodies subject to section 552.3031 of the Government Code must submit a request for an Open Records Letter Decision via the designated electronic filing system or hand-delivery.

Who Can Submit Documents Online?

Any person or organization interested in a request for a decision may submit materials online. For instance, governmental bodies may submit requests for decisions, responsive documents, or comments; and third parties may submit comments and exhibits.  

Electronic submissions related to requests for decisions must be made through the PIA Electronic Filing System.

Other Methods to Submit Information to the ORD

For governmental bodies who are excluded from section 552.3031 of the Government Code, you can deliver it by mail, carrier, or in person.

The ORD does not accept electronic submissions by fax or email.

How Much Does It Cost?

You must pay an initial $7.50 filing fee to submit materials online. After that, all future submissions associated with your initial filing are only $5.