Rules and Forms for Redacting Public Information

Usually, a governmental body must seek a ruling from the Open Records Division before it can redact information from requested documents.

However, a governmental body can redact without requesting a ruling if:

  • The governmental body has a previous determination for that information.
  • The information is subject to:
    • Section 552.114 – student records
    • Section 552.147 – social security numbers.
  • The information is subject to one of the following sections, and the governmental body provides the required form:
    • Section 552.024 – public employee’s personal information held by governmental body in its capacity as employer
    • Section 552.1175 – public employee's personal information held by governmental body in non-employment capacity
    • Section 552.130 – motor vehicle record information
    • Section 552.136 – account and access device numbers
    • Section 552.138 – family violence shelter center, victims of trafficking shelter center, or sexual assault program.
    • NOTE: A requestor can appeal the withholding of information under these sections.

To redact information under one of the sections above, the governmental body must provide the requestor with the appropriate form. You can download the forms here: