Over the past 20 years, our caseload has grown to 1.5 million cases, and we serve over 1.7 million children. The modernization of our processes and technology have become critical to our ability to meet the evolving needs of the families we serve. To achieve this goal, we have adopted an Agile-at-Scale mindset and methodology to support  the iterative modernization of our legacy mainframe computer system in an efficient, cost-effective and successful manner.

We are guided by the following principles: 

  • Start small and build momentum
  • Obtain smaller contracts
  • Develop requirements just-in-time
  • Deliver new products frequently
  • Plan, do, learn, and iterate

The Transformation Strategy

We are adopting a low-code, web-portal application development platform to support our vision for iterative development. This will support our need to have frequent and ongoing deployments of quality and functional software. These developments will allow for the gradual modernization of our core child support functions.   

Additional Information

To learn more about this transformation, please review our modernization and project presentations.