The Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) filed a Notice of Accelerated Interlocutory Appeal directly to the Texas Supreme Court in Loe, et al. v. State of Texas, et al, under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 6.001(b) and Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 29.1(b). While a district judge’s ruling attempted to block the state’s enforcement of a Texas law protecting children from “gender transition” interventions, this filing stays the ruling pending a decision by the Texas Supreme Court.  

This year, the Texas Legislature passed SB 14, a law that prohibits hospitals from administering experimental hormones or conducting mutilative “gender transition” surgical procedures on minors. These unproven medical interventions are emphatically pushed by some activists in the medical and psychiatric professions despite the lack of evidence demonstrating medical benefit, and even while growing evidence indicates harmful effects on children’s mental and physical welfare.     

The OAG will continue to enforce the laws duly enacted by the Texas Legislature and uphold the values of the people of Texas by doing everything in its power to protect children from damaging “gender transition” interventions. 

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