Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a letter with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit detailing new and important facts in the ongoing concertina wire case, urging the court to resolve the case on an expedited basis in order to protect Texas’s border security measures.

Notably, the letter details findings of fact made by the district court concerning events at the border. The district court found that the three drowning deaths that occurred in the Rio Grande near Shelby Park on January 12 occurred before the federal government even contacted the Texas National Guard or Department of Public Safety, contrary to the claim that Texas interfered with any rescue efforts. The court also made findings that contradicted any suggestion that “emergency river operations were unsuccessful” due to Texas’s control of Shelby Park. 

“In this letter, Texas demonstrated that the Biden Administration made extremely misleading claims at the Supreme Court of the United States about Texas’s border security actions,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Many news outlets amplified these false claims to blame Texas for deaths that occurred at an illegal border crossing in the Rio Grande. That narrative that has been completely disproven. While Biden’s open borders doctrine has created a nationwide immigration disaster and untold suffering, Texas is doing everything we can to uphold law and order.”

To read the filing, click here.