Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has secured a major victory, blocking the Biden Administration’s unlawful and indefinite ban on approving applications to export liquified natural gas (“LNG”).

Texas, along with Louisiana and fourteen other states, filed a lawsuit to void the unconstitutional LNG export ban, which ignores the Natural Gas Act’s presumption in favor of exports, and decades of Department of Energy policy, as well as State and private reliance on exports. Texas is the nation’s leading producer of both crude oil and natural gas, meaning the Biden Administration’s ban stood to harm the Texas economy severely as well as those who rely on Texas energy.

The federal court sided with Texas against the Biden Administration, immediately pausing the ban while the lawsuit proceeds. The judge explained: “The Court finds that the Plaintiff States are entitled to the Injunctive Relief requested as to the LNG Export Ban. Accordingly, the Court will grant Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction, and order that the LNG Export Ban be stayed in its entirety, effective immediately.”

“This ruling means Biden’s illegal ban does not prevent Texas natural gas from reaching market while the lawsuit continues,” said Attorney General Paxton. “While I continue fighting for Texans against the Biden Administration, producers can take their natural gas to market instead of flaring it. This will protect Texas jobs and keep our critical energy industry running.”

To read the ruling, click here.