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Ceremonial Statements

Deputy Attor­ney Gen­er­al for Legal Coun­sel Mur­taza Sutar­wal­la to Return to Pri­vate Prac­tice, Serve as Coun­sel for Ken Pax­ton for Texas Campaign

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced the departure of Murtaza Sutarwalla as Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel.

June 07, 2022 | Press Release

Attor­ney Gen­er­al Pax­ton Memo­r­i­al Day Statement

“As someone who grew up on military bases, my earliest years were spent in the company of individuals who stood ready to defend our nation, no matter the cost. Our nation has always been blessed beyond measure to have among us patriots who so love their country, and the principles it was founded upon, that they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that freedom might live. We are forever in their debt.”

May 25, 2015

Texas Attor­ney Gen­er­al Pax­ton State­ment on Good Fri­day, Passover

“This week, Christians are observing Good Friday to commemorate the final moments leading to the crucifixion, and members of the Jewish community are celebrating Passover and their emancipation from enslavement in ancient Egypt. Both observances speak of sacrifice and pain but also of hope over despair. The Easter season of renewal is a time to celebrate the victory of good over evil, to reaffirm our faith that our God’s light is here and stronger than every darkness. On this joyous weekend, let us celebrate our religious freedom, joining together to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives ”“ including liberty, justice and the glory of His grace.”

April 02, 2015

Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Deliv­ers Remarks at Texas Prayer Breakfast

“Sometimes we take for granted how blessed we are to be able to gather together and pray and to proclaim our faith publicly.”

February 19, 2015