Compensation may be available to cover costs associated with the replacement of a victim’s property seized as evidence.

Once your application is approved, we will work with you to determine what replacement of seized property costs are eligible for compensation.  

What Seized Property Costs Are Covered?

Costs are limited to victim’s property. Common property that may be seized includes bedding, sheets, clothing, cell phones, or other personal property taken by law enforcement.

It does not cover costs to replace or repair property that was damaged or stolen during the crime.

Who May Receive Compensation?

Victims who have property seized or claimants on their behalf may be eligible for compensation.

Compensation Limits

Compensation is limited to $1,000 for crimes after July 14, 2016. For dates of crime before this, other limits will apply.

CVC is the last source of payment by law. All other readily available resources must pay before any payment by the program. Learn more about payment sources at Covered Costs.

Related Documentation

As your application is being processed, be prepared to provide:

  • A list of items taken by law enforcement
  • Replacement value of items

We will tell you what documentation to mail to CVC and when.