Child Support Awareness Month

We are committed to serving the children and families of Texas. Our goal is for our mission statement and our core values to be reflected in everything we do.

Our Mission

To encourage responsible parenting by promoting the involvement of both parents and ensuring that children receive the support they need and deserve.

Our Values

Every day, we aim to meet the standards of our core values:

Respect – for ourselves, for those we serve, with whom we work and with whom we partner.

Innovation – leveraging our creativity, passion, and technology to transform and elevate our program and the way that we fulfill our mission.

Service – selfless dedication to our mission and to those we serve, demonstrated by our stewardship of the resources entrusted to us and the integrity with which we approach our work.

Excellence – in our performance, in the professional manner in which we provide services, the attitude we bring, the knowledge we obtain and the relationships we build.

Our Work

To support Texas families, the Child Support Division:

  • Establishes paternity
  • Obtains court orders for financial, medical and dental support of children
  • Enforces child support orders
  • Promotes the emotional involvement of both parents
  • Collaborates with state agencies and community organizations to serve Texas families