Wage withholding lets you make your child support payments through your regular paycheck.

Eighty percent of all child support payments are made through wage withholding. When the Office of the Attorney General receives your employment information, we send a notification to your employer so that your support payments can be automatically held out of your paycheck. 

How Wage Withholding Works

  1. You can chat or call us to provide your new employer information and/or we receive information from the Texas Workforce Commission about your new employer.
  2. Your company (employer) receives an "Order to Withhold Income for Child Support” from the Child Support Division.
  3. Your payment amount is deducted from your paycheck.
  4. Your employer sends the payment directly to us (each pay period).
  5. We process your payment and send it to the custodial parent.

Wage withholding ensures your payments are complete and on time. However, it may take your employer a few weeks to process your wage withholding order. Until that time, you are responsible for making your child support payments.