Enrollment in private health insurance has a big impact on children and families in Texas.

The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) was developed by the federal government to provide all states, employers and plan administrators an easily recognizable form that provides all the information an employer needs. This form ensures employers enroll dependent children in available employer-sponsored health insurance coverage as ordered by the court.

Employer Responsibilities

Once an employer receives the NMSN, the child(ren) must be enrolled in health insurance coverage. The NMSN must be considered a change in the employee's family circumstances for health insurance purposes, equivalent to the birth or adoption of a child.

Other Source of Health Insurance

Employees may provide evidence of prior health insurance enrollment for the child(ren) listed on the NMSN. The employer must provide to The Office of the Attorney General a statement that the child(ren) have been enrolled in another health insurance plan. This information can be provided by printing and completing the Other Source Health Insurance Information form. This form must be mailed to the address listed within 40 days of receipt.

Reporting Options

Employers can respond to National Medical Support Notices using our Employer Website.

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