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Be a leader in your community

It's your community: it's your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country. Be a leader! Get involved in making it the kind of neighborhood or town you think it should be.


There are so many ways to get involved with your community! Whether its volunteering at a senior center or coaching little league baseball or getting involved with a beach clean-up - do your part to make an impact in your community! You AND your neighbors will reap the benefits!

You can join clubs (or start one!)

The importance of serving others

There is definitely something special about volunteering to serve others. It is truly amazing when you can see the benefits to both the beneficiary of your efforts and to yourself. There are so many people and organizations out there that need your help!

Volunteering is also a great way to explore different career opportunities. Volunteering at a hospital or a law firm may give you an idea of what types of jobs are offered in that field.

Be a Leader

At school
On the town
In your community
After high school
Qualities of leaders
Meet your leaders
Designing games
Forensic science
Health care
Physical therapy
Space science
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