Coronavirus COVID-19

The health and safety of our staff and customers are always our highest priority and we want to be sure we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.

Because the health and safety of our staff and customers are always our highest priority, physical child support offices remain closed to walk-in customers and visitors. Services continue to be provided over the telephone and internet with limited in-office services by appointment. We remain committed to continuing to support those we serve during this public health event.

Will my 3rd stimulus check be garnished to pay child support?

Your 2nd(approved January 2021) and 3rd (approved March 2021) stimulus payments are not withheld by IRS for unpaid child support debt. Under the CARES Act, your 1st stimulus payment (approved April 2020) could be withheld, but the rule was changed in time for the 2nd (approved January 2021) and 3rd (approved (March 2021) payments to be released.

Will my tax return be withheld to pay child support?

If you owe more than $150 in a public assistance case or more than $500 in a non-public assistance case, federal law requires that the IRS withhold some or all of your unpaid stimulus payment and tax return, when you file your taxes. Visit Your Child Support, the Federal Stimulus Payments and Tax Returns for more information.

Should I expect a delay in my child support payments?

We do not anticipate a delay in the processing of any child support payments received due to the coronavirus. Our State Disbursement Unit and payment processing teams have a strong plan in place to ensure that payments continue to be processed and disbursed timely.

What can I do if my child support hearing has been postponed or rescheduled due to the coronavirus?

What if I have a question about my case?"chat icon"

It is important to us that we continue to serve you during this unpredictable time. We encourage you to use our various forms of electronic communication should you need to send us a question or provide updated information.

  • Log in to your child support case - you can get case information including payment records, case status, court dates and other case-specific details.  From here, you will also be able to send us emails with your questions. We will be closely monitoring these emails to provide you a response as soon as possible.
  • Chat – Click on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to begin chatting with a live child support customer service specialist.

Child support staff are teleworking to serve customers by chat and telephone. We recommend taking advantage of the chat services, to avoid extended wait times.

How do I find out if my local office is closed?

Local child support offices have transitioned to providing virtual child support establishment and enforcement services. While physical child support offices will be closed to customers and visitors, services will continue to be provided over the telephone and internet.

Please visit our child support location map for an update regarding your local office.

Access and Visitation concerns 

This is a very uncertain time and we understand that you may have concerns and questions regarding COVID-19 and its impact on custody and visitation. Our parenting time agents are standing by to provide you with the most up to date information related to parenting plans and access and visitation. We understand this is a trying time for everyone. We encourage you as parents to work together to resolve any differences or concerns. Please visit our Access and Visitation webpage for additional information, you can also call the toll-free hotline at (866) 292-4636.